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Cash Discount Program

You can avoid high processing costs and service fees by offering discounts to your customers who pay cash. 

Up to 95 percent% of your processing costs GONE

Cash Discount Basics

Offset almost all of your merchant service fees without increasing rates. The XBS Global Discount program provides you with everything you need to correctly implement the program – including a starter kit, signage and programmed terminal.

Cash Discount Equipment

The payment terminal software program automatically calculates the non-cash service fee to charge the customer, and itemizes it on the receipt.  The full sales amount goes to the merchant and the service fee covers interchange and processing costs.

Customer Satisfaction

Recent studies show more than 80% of customers wouldn’t think twice about paying a 3.99% service fee for the convenience of credit card use.  And now with Covid, cash use continues to decline and customers still crave rewards.


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