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B2B Payments tips, tricks and tirades

PCI SAQ – Eliminate Unnecessary Costs with these tips

The PCI SAQ or PCI Self Assessment Questionnaire is a core component of PCI compliance for all credit and debit card processing merchants.   The SAQ is a validation tool to assist the merchant in self evaluating  PCI DSS compliance. There are nine versions of the SAQ...

B2B Merchant Solutions for High Ticket Transactions

    Visa and MasterCard long ago set aside specialty pricing for B2B Merchants who want to accept and process Purchasing cards (P cards) or Corporate credit cards for large ticket sales.  Retail pricing was cost prohibitive for these high ticket transactions...

B2B Payments – Where’s the Risk?

It would be daft to think that any entity (i.e. your company) is not vulnerable to payment fraud of some kind, and more so to think that incorporating security measures recommended by industry experts – is inessential.  History and experts agree – as one payment...

What is PCI Compliance? – Part III

This is our final post in a series (What is PCI Compliance Part I  and Part II) on PCI Compliance for Level 3 and Level 4 credit card processing merchants, where we discuss the requirements put forth in PCI DSS version 3.2 by the Payment Card Industry Data Security...

What is PCI Compliance? Part II

PCI Scope, the SAQ – Self Assessment Questionnaire and ASV’sPart 2 in a series on What is PCI Compliance?  for credit card processing merchants from XBS Global. Our series of articles is directed toward level 3 and 4 merchants, their obligations for PCI compliance as...


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