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Level 3 Payment Processing

Leverage our industry knowledge to market to the largely still untapped payments space of B2B companies with cost effective solutions.

C Suite Communications

Sales in this space requires executive level  credit card processing industry  knowledge and communication skills.  Use ours.  No entry level sales staff.


Maximize 30 + years of industry relationships and unique partnerships to create B2B payment processing solutions for your clients.


For you.

Benefits for our Referral Partners

Boost your revenue and value proposition

Create a significant passive income residual.  No investment, liability or B2B merchant account expertise required.

Increase client retention/stickiness.

Provide a new, valuable product and service to your client from a trusted, successful source.

Enjoy the benefits of a mutually exclusive and beneficial long term partnership with XBS Global.

I want to be a B2B Merchant Referral Partner

For your B2B Merchants

An expert B2B payments provider proficient in best practices

Substantially lower interchange rates with a B2B/B2G Payment Gateway producing lowers costs of 30 – 50% overall

Ongoing guidance in the complex payments industry.

Direct access to our service and executive team.


We believe in sustainable partnerships that create synergy through integrity. Innovation is at the heart of our efforts to match our viable, scalable electronic payment solutions to the B2B merchants of our referral partners.

Contact David Robb @ 800-347-1090 with questions regarding this program



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With an expert in AP Automation or B2B Payment Processing.  We've got it covered on both ends.

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