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Payment Gateways for the B2B Marketplace

Power in payments comes from control.  Control comes from the B2B payment gateway, the virtual terminal and interchange optimization through level 3 payment processing.

At. Your. Fingertips.

Virtual Terminal

Secure login for desktop access to the payment portal.  Real time access to all your  B2B transactions, flags for transactions that are not optimized for interchange reductions, robust features and reporting.

Interchange Control

Automatically populate level 2 and level 3 credit card data for lowest possible interchange rate qualification no matter what type of credit card is presented for payment, every time.


Transaction settlement

Authorize (and validate) the transaction,and route transaction data for settlement – in seconds.  Prompts for data if needed for interchange reduction.  Smart, secure payment processing.

Get It Done With XBS Global

Options and choices for a B2B payment gateway are crucial and numerous so we’ve done the work.  XBS Global and payment processing partners specialize in B2B merchants – their unique CNP or card not present processing environments and the types of corporate cards they accept.  From simple solutions that reduce fees and minimize PCI scope to myriad configurations that provide ecommerce, integration with Quickbooks and other accounting softwares or API for ERP integration.  We have an answer.

the Paytrace Solution

Easy to use payment processing for the CNP, card not present environment.  User level permissions based on job functions with interchange savings with level 2 and level 3 payment data.  Complete with customer profile data storage for sensitive data in a PCI compliant vault.  Quickbooks plug in for simple integration.  Eliminate duplicate entry and manual mistakes.

mx B2B App

Our own proprietary app operating in the background of the MX Virtual Terminal and portal to ensure behind the scenes qualifications for level 2 and level 3 payment processing rates.  Sophisticated B2B payment processing technology with no extra work or changes in current operations to qualify for B2B interchange rates on each and every purchasing card transaction.  Same payments portal for ACH Echeck processing.

XBS delivers recurring payments through the gateways

Manage your payment processing like a pro.

It’s time to move on from old legacy technologies to the next big thing in payment processing.  Don’t get left behind and never pay full price.  Let us connect you to a secure B2B payment gateway that will lower the costs of your  purchase card transactions by 30 to 50%… without any effort on your part.

Many of our clients were unaware that MasterCard and Visa provide special low rates for B2B merchants.  For merchants with transactions considered high tickets – $7,000 or more – interchange rates are even lower.  Only a B2B payment gateway has this functionality.  No retail payment gateway or credit card terminal can process these transactions at these specific reduced interchange rates.

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