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For manufacturers, distributors and Professional Service Companies. Low cost payment processing and AP automation with monetization.

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B2B Merchant Account

Our B2B Credit Card processing merchants are underwritten with the niche factions required to process purchasing cards and commercial credit cards at  the reduced level 3 and level 2 interchange rates.

ACH Payment Processing

Echeck and E invoicing is still the most cost effective method for  electronic payment collection in the B2B marketplace. Our services on the NACHA network rocks on ROI in B2B payments.

Payment Gateways

That automatically populate Level 2 and 3 credit card data for for your B2B transactions behind the scenes so you don’t have to.  This reduces the transaction interchange rate to the lowest possible mumber.

AP Solutions

XBS Global now offers real AP automation with a significant ROI for buyers in cash rebate form for supplier electronic acceptance.  We provide proven, successful supplier onboarding campaign and execution.

Cash Discount Program

A system for retail merchants to offset nearly all credit card processing fees by implementing a cash discount program.  Card paying customers pay a price higher only by the preset processing cost.


Funny of the month? – 2020 has been not so humerous for revenue growth

With our AP automation solutions however, we can find new revenue in your current sales portfolio.  Really.

B2B Consultants in the payments space manipulate industry knowledge for merchant efficiency and savings.

a merchant service provider for the B2B marketplace entrusted with:

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With an expert in AP Automation or B2B Payment Processing.  We've got it covered on both ends.

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