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What is a B2B Merchant Account

AND why you need one.

Cost effective, specialized B2B payment processing for the B2B merchant who accepts purchasing and corporate credit cards makes dollars and sense.  Increased savings with best practices using level 2 and level 3 card data for credit card processing are substantial.

 See the differences below left to right in transaction costs on an $8,000 purchasing card transaction.


Standard Retail Worst

Level 2 Basic Data

Level 3 Good Practice

High Ticket Best Practice

B2B Payment Trends.

Procurement cards or purchasing cards as well as all types of commercial credit cards used for B2B payments is a dramatic rising trend .  These high cost transactions can only be lowered at the interchange rate.

Lowering your costs.

The interchange rates for B2B companies are reduced through level 2 and level 3 payment processing.   Substantial savings come from passing specific credit card data along with the B2B transaction at authorization or sale.

Through the gateway.

Only a B2B payment gateway like Paytrace or our MX B2B app can automatically populate this unique credit card data within the transaction. Thousands of popular gateways do not, and no credit card terminal can.

B2B and B2G Merchant Accounts

Starts with professional underwriting by a B2B consultant.  Considerations for your B2B merchant account are the B2B transaction sizes, volume, credit card types presented, industry type, additional electronic payment needs such as ACH payment processing and other factors.  The B2B merchant account is the foundation of your digital payments strategy for 2018 and beyond.

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XBS Global B2B Merchant Accounts

We consolidate the components of the B2B merchant account so that most electronic payment activities can occur in the same portal.  The job of the B2B payment consultant is to underwrite and configure your company’s B2B merchant services for overall efficiency, at the lowest cost points possible through interchange optimization and the minimization of PCI scope.

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