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AP Automation with CPX

automated ap solutions
CPX, Commercial Payments Exchange combines card issuance and electronic payment method accepted by the supplier with a rebate revenue share for the buyer.  An evolved strategy for automated AP Solutions.


Today’s outdated complex AP environment leaves buyers and suppliers with a costly inefficient payment process.


The CPX Integrated Payments Solution leverages multiple payment options on a single platform for a new look at Accounts Payables.  Seamless integration into the ERP system.  Industry leading supplier onboarding.




Step 1 is the CPX Gateway – the nucleus of our automated AP solutions suite.  The gateway accepts a single payment file and intelligently routes each transaction to the optimal payment method.  It’s a BIP (buyer initiated payments) approach that results in optimal payments control and treasury management.

Step 2 is Integrating the AP Spend File

Re-Engineering Payments with

AP Automation

Today’s payment environment remains heavily reliant on the use of checks to pay A/P Suppliers.

Our integrated payables solution through the CPX Gateway can automate 100% of your AP file with multiple forms of electronic payments.  The result is multiple payment options being supported on a single platform.  Intelligent, automated AP solutions.

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Virtual Card

A unique 16-digit number that is sent to a Supplier for processing just like a credit card. The payment notification will provide payment instructions on how to access the virtual account, provide the total amounts being paid, as well as contain key remittance information.

The virtual card is a single use account number.

Plastic Card

A plastic based card solution to manage and control spending in the areas of Travel, Purchasing and Fuel transactions.

Supported by card and expense management systems and includes the flexibility of fleet functionality.

CPX Direct

An automated Virtual Card solution that requires no action on behalf of the Supplier. CPX processes the transaction and deposits the payment to the Suppliers account along with remittance notification.

ACH Solutions

Leveraging our ACH.com platform, we support a variety of ACH solutions including Standard ACH, Dynamic Discounting and Proprietary ACH (terms).

CPX Proxy Payments

CPX will service Suppliers that require website or telecom payment processing.
CPX Payments leverages a complete suite of traditional and transitional AP  solutions, intelligently routed, for full automation of files.

It’s Easy to Use.

CPX Access and User Dashboard

Simplify and manage your commercial business transactions and using our robust user applications in the automated AP solutions suite.

Introducing xChange

Meet the interactive portal connecting Buyers and Suppliers to promote the payment and data exchange between partners:

  • Customize your dashboard based on what is important to you and your business
  • Automate or upload your payment file or input one-off payments
  • Track all Payments regardless of input method
  • View a complete supplier profile including payments made, invoices, contacts, and more
  • Create and save your own custom reports or use those we have provided for you
  • Control what your employees see – custom restrictions can be set
  • Establish approval workflows before a payment is actually made

At the end of the day, when your invoices are paid?  We pay YOU.


XBS Global provides a rebate to our buyers on a significant percentage of your accounts payable file (AP spend file).

Payment methods that earn a rebate include Virtual Card, CPX Direct, ACH+, Dynamic Discounting and Proxy Pay.






The combination of our simple integration, scalable agile technology, experienced results-driven sales network and modern buyer/supplier portals, drives invoice automation to generate revenue.

Commercial Payments Exchange (CPX)

CPX Execution Strategy

Four Phases

The Complete Commercial Payments Solution.

An Automated AP Solutions and Services Suite.

Traditional programs only reach a small segment of suppliers.  CPX facilitates flexible payment processing from one simple to use platform for full AP automation.

Phase 1 Pre-Sales Consultation

Detailed analysis of your company spend file.  Evaluate supplier data and recommend strategies to achieve highest level of payment automation possible.

Phase 2 Post-Sales Consultation

Identify criteria for successful supplier participation.  XBS provides vision and strategy needed to define how to deliver meaningful and measurable value to your supplier base and drive maximum participation.

Phase 3 Supplier Onboarding

We are a world class leader in supplier enablement providing services to all three major payment networks and financial institutions.  With acceptance results as high as 50% we enable billions of dollars in commercial payments annually.

Phase 4 On-Going Growth

Our supplier enablement service provides real time communication from a buyers procurement department to our sales staff.

Surround yourself with Assets not Liabilities.

AP Automation

Genuine, automated AP Solutions that turns a cost center into a revenue generator.  Our AP automation experts will analyze your vendor AP spend file and present findings – with a complete presentation of cost savings and revenue projections.  Real solutions.  Real results.


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