Monetize your AP Spend File with

AP Automation

The revenue sharing program provided through CPX is both tangible and substantial.  Revenue rebates correlate directly to overall charge volume.  In addition, the overall process efficiency gained with purchase card use is generally recognized to be as much as $70 per transaction.   These factors combine to significantly increase AP automation value.

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Optimized Automation of the AP Workflow

cfo’s are implementing ap automation to streamline operations and boost revenue

An ROI too Significant to Ignore

Optimized AP Solutions Untold Benefits

AP workflows are moving from a back-office function to a strategic center of business, supporting the CFO’s goal of operational excellence, control and increased revenue.

Making the digital transformation to AP automation helps companies improve efficiency, save time and money, and maximize human resources.

As a matter of fact, ap automation strengthens and expands the buyer/supplier relationship.  The supplier enjoys faster receipt of funds, improved access to working capital and reduced errors and disputes through enhanced remittance information for the buyer.

AP Automation delivers a win/win opportunity.

Charge Forward

AP Automation is the CFO’s First Step to Digital Transformation

Automating the AP workflow within the finance department is easy to implement with CPX.  The benefits to your company are tangible and many:

  • Automation of repetitive tasks – less manual work
  • Reduced risk of errors and late or lost vendor payment
  • Easier and faster review process, even on the go
  • Increased purchasing control
  • Visibility into the AP process and outstanding invoices
  • Better reporting and enhanced data
  • Opportunity to leverage financial incentives
  • Decreased fraud risk associated with traditiional payment forms


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Detailed Analysis of your AP Spend File

Evaluation of Supplier Data

Strategy recommendations to attain highest AP Automation Level

Identification of criteria for supplier participation

Development of Supplier Onboard campaign

Implementation of Supplier Onboard campaign

Personal and Ongoing Access for Buyers to XBS sales staff.

AP Solutions

What We Can Do For You

Implementing an AP Automation solution drives cost reductions that benefit bottom lines.  Streamlined workflow processes improves performance results throughout the company, and the finance department specifically and measurably.

It’s time for accounts payable transformation.  Far beyond cost reduction, ap automation earns its new repuation for worthwhile technology investment with measurable efficiencies and cash back incentives

Adoption of an epayable suite that includes virtual and purchasing cards is past due.  In addition to this new found profit center with shared revenue streams is valuable anaylytic data giving realtime views of the AP spend.

This is a perfect recipe for CFO super stardom amid AP automation  transformation within your organization.

Rebate Income

Electronic payments will actually create a revenue stream for your company.

improved DCOH

Days cash on hand – liquidity is crucial to potential creditors

Bond or Credit Rating

Extended DCOH can facilitate your ability to borrow at lower rates.

Reduced Paper and Workflow costs

Tremendous savings when converting from check to electronic payments.

An Automated ap Workflow allows time to

Make Better Use of your Resources

AP Automation can free your AP department from grunt work and prioritize higher value tasks.

Time better spent on vendor relationships, improved spend management, problem resolution and vendor consolidation for even further increased savings opportunities.

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