Level 2 and 3 B2B Payment Processing

XBS has a long and successful track record assisting industrial clients in minimizing cash flow losses in B2G and B2B credit card payment processing transactions. These losses are impacted by any one of a number of factors such as -

  • An increase in volume of specific types of commercial or purchasing card types processed monthly
  • Information entered or not entered at the point of sale/entry - level 2 or level 3 data processing
  • Use of a certified level 3 payment platform
  • Use of best business practices in a high ticket environment
B2B merchants using a retail payment platform will continue to pay unnecessary and inflated interchange rates for Level 2 and Level 3 credit card processing. This means that a percentage of your total sale buried in your overall transaction expense is paid to the bank who issued your customers card.  Your sale becomes their revenue.  Interchange expenses for B2B credit card payment processing can't be eliminated, but they can definitely be lowered when managed correctly.

Consider the B2B payment processing chart below - with the same purchasing card qualifying at different rates from standard retail through B2B High Ticket, as the ticket price increases from $500 to $200,000.

Commercial I/C Category






Standard (very common)

2.95% & 10 cents





Level 2 (common)

2.05% & 10 cents





Level 3 (B2B)*

1.80% & 10 cents





Level 3 (High Ticket)*

.95% &  $35





XBS can convert your company from a retail to merchant account with B2B payment and credit card processing solutions that work to employ best business practices in your specific payment processing environment.  Call us at 800-347-1090 to get started, or contact us below for a live demonstration!


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