American Express Merchant Financing

The Convenience of Alternative Lending with the Low Cost of a Traditional Loan Product

Looking to expand? Have a need for inventory or equipment?

Our merchants now have access to the latest innovative program launched by American Express Bank. American Express Merchant Financing offers one or two year financing with simple terms and an easy to understand repayment schedule.

  • This is a commercial loan product to borrow up to $2,000,000.00
  • Loan is financed over one or two year term
  • There is no variable interest rate or APR
  • American Express charges a flat rate fee - as low as 8% on 1 yr and 14% for 2 yr term
  • Convenient electronic repayment from daily batch
  • Payment amount does not vary
  • Eligibility based on American Express tenure, annual American Express card volume or total across all card brands
  • Quick turn around
  • Simple - no fee application
  • Rebates on loan fee for early payment - as much as 75%

Only businesses are eligible for this merchant financing opportunity.  Loan uses are for business purposes only.  Lump sum funding. 


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