Today's suppliers and buyers aim for a frictionless supply chain and efficient B2B merchant services. Purchasing and commercial cards for payments, electronic invoice presentment and payment (EIPP) options: the trend is here to stay. 

Payments with paper checks create bulk due to their manual processes, inefficiencies, waste and high costs. The good news? Secure, efficient, and quick B2B merchant processing has arrived for the manufacturer or wholesaler merchant. 

Conversely, most of today's manufacturers are established with standard retail merchant accounts rather than specific B2B merchant accounts.

Standard retail merchants (not underwritten to process B2B and B2G transactions) do NOT qualify for the incentive interchange pricing reserved specifically for them by Visa and MasterCard.  However, if you qualify for our B2G/B2B merchant services, this pricing can lower overall processing costs by as much as 50%, with no operational changes necessary.  (SEE SPECIFIC EXAMPLES OF REDUCED COSTS WITH LEVEL 3 PRICING) .

Our B2B merchant account will guarantee your transactions qualify at the low Level 3 rate for industrial and government clients, as well as provide:

  • Next day funding.
  • Full PCI DSS Compliance - no sensitive client card data stored on YOUR server, network, computers or site.  
  • American Express One Point - One statement for all cards processed.
  • A user friendly, virtual terminal that processes all cards (including consumer cards) at the lowest rate available.

The Result? Substantially lower payment processing costs and a happy customer.

XBS Global specializes in B2G and B2B merchant accounts underwritten for manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, associations, and many more.

Contact us or call 800-347-1090 for an in-depth industry analysis of your current processing methods and rates - and we'll go to work for you. 

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