What is it?

The API in simple terms is the interface in the combined software components that enable secure communication and payment data exchange.  This custom solution creates the interaction with your enterprise level systems such as ERP or CRM, incorporating secure level 3 B2B payment acceptance wherever customer interactions occur - e-commerce or web, email, mobile, or phone.

What does it do?

  • Real time shipping quotes
  • Process credit cards, gift cards, and e checks
  • Process level 2 and level 3 data
  • Customer and transaction profile storage (tokenization)
  • Recurring payments
  • Email receipts

While API creates efficiency in the supply chain -  the power is in the real time b2b electronic payment processing and 3 - 6 second authorizations.  Our API's ease integration of B2B payments technology into digital marketplaces, corporate ERP systems and settlement networks so the benefits of accelerated, 24/7, anytime/anywhere, financial flow that our B2C clients have long enjoyed - can now be experienced in the B2B space.

The XBS Global APIs rapid connectivity of applications, switches and gateways have created an exciting new value proposition for our manufacturers and distributors. 

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