ACH processing is a payment processed through the ACH - Automated Clearing House - an electronic payment network to process financial transactions in the US.

The network is secure and regulated by the Federal Reserve and NACHA. 

XBS recommends merchants use B2B ACH processing for recurring customer payments or electronic fund transfers.  This allows you to directly and quickly debit your customers’ checking account for payment.  The electronic transfer of funds is quick, inexpensive and secure - and takes the funds from your customers’ bank account and puts them into yours. 

Merchant benefits of B2B Electronic Payments -

  • Substantially lower costs for ACH processing as compared to credit card processing - 0 to 1% discount rate
  • SaaS platform - user friendly and merchant customization for branding
  • Increase collection percentages and proficiency.
  • Increase cash flow - speedy bank deposit and fund availability
  • Recurring billing capability

B2B ACH Processing is "money in the bank".

Make it easy for your customer to pay you and keep payment processing costs lower than ever before with an ACH payment option.

More about ACH Benefits

Electronic Checks or E-Checks including:

  • Paper check conversion
  • Check Guarantee
  • Check Verification
  • Direct Debit and ACH for B2B & B2G

Remove the risk, work, bulk, and pain from handling paper checks and increase the speed of funding.

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