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Quickbooks and Integrated Low Cost Processing

by | Apr 4, 2009

Okay, so maybe this news isn’t going to catapault you into nirvana or some “state of zen” or anything – but we guarantee enlightenment! (plus pictures of credit card terminals and stuff are so boring).

A new integrated solution for low cost credit card processing AND single point of entry for credit card and check transactions with the most commonly used  financial accounting software for businesses we serve – Quickbooks – and XBS has it.

This is pretty powerful when you think about it, all made possible through our new payment gateway.

Consider THESE benefits -and remember – previously the merchant had two options, process cards directly with Quickbooks (high processing rates) or use an outside merchant account with lower rates – but have to manually update quickbooks after submitting a transaction.

  • Use your low cost XBS merchant account from directly within Quickbooks for all credit card and check transactions. This is a far superior option to the processing solution provided by Quickbooks itself.
  • Apply payments to open invoices.
  • Integrate your mobile, internet, POS and recurring transactions directly into Quickbooks.
  • Supports Matgek readers for SWIPED rates (the cost continues to get lower!) and yes, we sell’em.
  • Secure.
  • One merchant account for ALL sales channels.
  • Easy set up and implementation.
  • All of the detailed reporting features that come with Quickbooks for your processing transactions!
  • No more double entry labor or errors – increased efficiency.

Technology is a beautiful thing and increasing efficiency by decreasing manual labor and its costs AND processing costs is tough to pass up (silly is on the tip of my tongue – fingers? – but I’ll let you decide).  Actually – isn’t it a much sought after strategy in best business practices?

This isn’t too tough to sort through.  Call us.  We’ll get you set up with a profitable merchant account on a payment gateway that can be totally integrated with your Quickbooks software.  Yeeha! or should we say ohmmm…