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Electronic Invoicing – A Business Essential

by | May 11, 2009

Is the United States Postal Service out of time AND money?

It’s time to convert to electronic invoicing.   Effective today,  the US post office increased the cost of first class stamps as well as several other products and services, for the third year in a row.   The agency is in the hole and in danger of running out of money this budget year.

In addition to increased costs  – the USPS has asked congress for permission to drop a delivery day – another step towards  reining in expenses while in survival mode.

How long will it take to get your invoices and statements to your customer – and how long before payment comes back?  What will it cost – for the initial invoice, the statement, the reminders, etc.?  Is your company doing everything it can and should – to implement at the very least, some sort of operational efforts at going green?

Businesses looking to cut costs and increase cash flow (ah, that should be everybody) should consider jumping ship now – the combination of electronic invoicing with electronic payments is a tool that will eventually become a foregone conclusion.

Efficiency, customer satisfaction, cost cutting, increased cash flow, quick and easy secure payments is a vital requirement for the success of every business.  The combination of e-invoicing with a fair and profitable merchant account program is the next wave – don’t wait until USPS changes force the issue  – get ahead of the curve.

Combine an electronic invoicing option with our B2B payment gateways with interchange cost plus pricing for merchant accounts and businesses can go green, save in substantial overhead/labor costs, increase cash flow immediately and lower processing costs.