About XBS

XBS GLOBAL is an industry leader and innovator in providing consultative B2B merchant services and payment solutions to diverse industries.   We do this through our exclusive relationship and now co-brand with Priority Payment Systems - Atlanta, GA - an award winning company and currently the 20th largest payment processor in the United States.

Businesses  - overwhelmed with a rapidly changing and overlapping landscape of information, technology, and regulation - continue to be drawn away from those core elements that impact their success - their own products and services, customers, revenue, profit and cash flow.  Electronic payments -  is not only a foundation for this success, but a catalyst for profitable growth.  Today's manufacturers, implementing lean philosophies are embracing the progressive and unique role of payment processing in their strategic forecasts.

This past decade, technological advances in electronic payments for industrial merchants have exploded with functionality.  API has opened the door to seamless integration of payments with third party and proprietary accounting software.  Young buyers immersed in an e-commerce world are demanding a B2B purchasing experience that rivals daily B2C  buying ease.  The future of this industry promises more of the same. 

Our collective solutions, implemented by industry professionals with literally decades of experience,  create renewed opportunity for business owners to get back to business... profitably.  



XBS Global - Process Profitably.