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What is PCI Compliance?

This blog is the first of a 3 part series on PCI Compliance and PCI DSS for credit card accepting merchants.  The blogs focus is on the compliance requirements and unique risks for level 3 and level 4 merchants – both B2B and retail, as defined by the PCI DSC.Level 3...

B2B Ecommerce Trends for 2016 and Beyond

Without further ado – a few tips from XBS Global B2B payment experts on some key components we think should be included in the development of a successful B2B ecommerce strategy for 2016 and onward. Mobile-Friendly. – Forrester Research estimates 52% of B2B buyers are...

How to be a Super Supplier

A B2B Payments and Accounts Receivable Perspective 1 – We spend a great deal of time educating our B2B merchants on the “dangers” and high costs of having a merchant account that is underwritten for a retail merchant and using retail processing methods.  The two...

The Shrine Initiative

We are what we live. In 1994, our infant son was paralyzed by an entiral virus.  In the blink of an eye – Sam went from healthy 13-month old to C-7 quadriplegic.  A rare complication from a common virus - official diagnosis: post-infectious encephalomyelitis. The...

Interchange Fee Facts for Merchant Consideration

The interchange fee –the largest single cost portion within the overall cost of a single credit card transaction can be a confusing concept.  But a firm grasp is essential for an overall understanding of B2B payment processing costs for purchasing cards and commercial...

EMV Upgrade and American Express Incentive Deadline Looms

Time to stop dragging your merchant feet.  An EMV credit card processing equipment upgrade is on the docket, and although US credit card issuers have been slow to get chip cards out there – I assure you – they’re coming.  In addition, major card brands are pushing EMV...

EMV, Card Security Standards, and US Merchants

EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa - and represents the founding entities of a global card security standard - already widely adopted "abroad" - using chip card technology for both contact and contactless transactions.  Cardholder verification...


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