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How We Monetize Your AP Workflow

Turn Expense into Revenue

Our Commercial Payments Exchange (CPX) Solution Suite can turn a cost center on your balance sheet into a profit center.   Designed by industry experts, the AP workflow loop starts with BIP or Buyer Initiated Payments.  Our AP workflow platform loops BIP directly to the revenue generated by your suppliers electronic payment acceptance choices.   XBS provides residual revenue share – a remarkably profitable value proposition for eligible buyers/companies.*


AP automated workflow with a generous  and impactful monetization opportunity for corporations with large* AP spend files.



XBS Global and corporate partner, Priority Payments Systems, Inc.

A New Paradigm in Commercial Payments.

Use Current Processes

Our proprietary turnkey platform leverages your existing AP/ERP system to eliminate costly checks.  No cost to you.  AP Automation and Integration.

Simple to Use

A single pay file submission that allows you to use our complete solution suite with one output file from you.  One. Single. File.  Keeping it simple.

Supplier Enablement

Our industry leading team that signs billions of dollars per year in commercial spend – goes to work for you.  Manpower, expertise and time.
The CPX automated AP workflow. Connects your company’s AP spend file to card issuance and additional epayment options to your  suppliers. Revenues generated are reallocated between buyer and processor.

Start with AP File Analysis

XBS Global partners with large to middle-market organizations to automate supplier spend, eliminate paper checks and create a revenue stream through that automation. As your potential partner, we’ll conduct a free analysis of your vendor AP file and present our findings of definitive cost savings and revenue projections.


  • Solution-driven culture
  • Consultative approach
  • Sophisticated Commercial Payments Solution Suite that maximizes supplier participation
  • Seamless integration into existing payment process
  •  Expert pre-sales support for spend analytics
  • Proven supplier enablement program with an excellent supplier boarding campaign success rate

Talk to us.

A free 15 minute consultation with our experts in AP automation and CPX can initiate a partnership that eliminates your company’s AP costs. Streamline AP workflow.  Improve supplier relationships and satisfaction. Create a new profit center from the old, manual and outdated AP operations and tasks.


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