Why Does XBS Provide Tiered Pricing?

Some of you have asked us about the interchange cost plus pricing we recommend - and if it's so great,  WHY then are we still offering tiered plans.? GREAT question. 

First be sure and revisit our interchange defined blog and recognize - we only scraped the surface here.  Let's be honest - some folks just don't want to know, can't bear the depth of the topic (we feel  the same way) or can't/won't give us the time required to vet the whole thing - bigger problems I guess.  It only takes 15 minutes of interchange talk before the merchants eyes glaze over (10 for me).

That being said - we don't walk away from merchants who don't want to change.  The tiered pricing plan was developed to decrease the complexity of interchange - though in reality it created a loophole for providers to make a substantial profit on the often downgraded transactions.  We provide this option paired with merchant application entry and terminal programming that will still provide the merchant the best opportunity to process at qualified rates.


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