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As the VP of Communications for XBS Global - I've been designated chief blogger.  I am as hesitant as I am excited about the task, due to the complexity of our subject matter (deep) and the reputation of our industry (questionable).  But XBS is working to change that reputation with a direct, informative client mission:

To work with our merchants to maximize cash flow and efficiency by capitalizing on our industry's best business practices so they can process payments more profitably.

We do understand the challenges of entrepreneurship, and the small to mid-size business owner who is overwhelmed with the demands of keeping pace with technology as well as all of the change and potential opportunities within their own industry.  Electronic payments and merchant options have changed dramatically in the last decade and though it would be challenging for you to keep pace with your industry AND ours - we can't help but encourage it.

Collecting payment from your customers in a quick, secure, efficient and let's hope profitable manner is a crucial component of your business success.  Our blog will help you work through some of our more imposing and at times murky industry subject matter such as:

  • Interchange (to be discussed every which way but Sunday) and then some
  • Pricing models - tiered vs. interchange plus cost
  • Transparency and education for the merchant
  • Changing the way we do business
  • Debit - signature and pin-based, keyed and swiped, rewards and B2B cards, ACH or the Automated Clearing House, legislation, bankcard, VISA and MASTERCARD, qualified, mid-qualified and non-qualified processing, electronic invoicing, PCI DSS(the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards ), electronic checks - guarantee and verification,  and so on...
  • Cash flow, processing costs, basis points and ..whoa.

Heady stuff and as our consultants point out - how much is too much?  and what does the merchant really need to know?  How much do they want to know?  We'll see.  The material to pull from is endless and times are challenging (understatement) so we promised to launch March 1 - but there's no time to waste. Below is our XBS Blog commitment -

Merchant accounts and electronic payments are what we do - please see our website and if you need us - and we hope you do - call us.  Our blog, like our newsletter, is to inform, simplify and advise... and maybe, have a little fun (it's a pretty "dry" industry!)


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