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Maybe if We Don't Tell'em They'll Pay with Cash

Why don't all merchants advertise credit card acceptance and customer payment options?  I'm not talking about the local department store or Best Buy, they KNOW it's important, smart and necessary.   I'm talking about the plumber, antique dealer, handyman, painter and fruit stand guy? 

Almost every merchant account provider advertises what is common knowledge in this industry - credit card acceptance increases sales and cash flow - nice benefits to tout in these days and times.  Lately I've noticed though, that some merchants keep card acceptance to themselves - informing the prospective customer only when asked.

Some merchants I know are just hoping and praying that the customer will pay cash - "gimme that green" - because they just don't want to pay processing costs (i.e. - this is what we call...the cost of doing business).  Some I guess just don't grasp the need or significance - you know, let the customer do all the work.

Is it significant?

Well let's take me for example - my husband says I buy a lot so I could be considered a "good prospective customer".

Cash.  Average amount in purse? $3.00 - and some of that is loose change.  I just don't carry it since the advent of debit cards.  Disappears too quick - tough to track - it makes me sad to part with it.

When shopping in unusual places?  I gravitate towards the antique dealer with the MasterCard/Visa sign on his table (now that's a vendor!)  Pulllleaase don't make me have to ask - in that case I may just walk on by - too much work! 

I use Angie's list for service vendors and simply skip those that don't list card acceptance.  Move right on to the next A rated vendor because there are plenty I assure you (speaking of which what happened to the company service profile on the list - I didn't see any vendors with customer payment methods listed this am - did Angie change company profiles? -  say it ain't so! - stay tuned).

I can't begin to tell you how many times we here at XBS here this from our prospective clients - why should I advertise or, take cards?  Nobody ever asks me if they can use one.

Of course not!  That's because I didn't even stop in.


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