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XBS Global is an industry leader and innovator in providing B2B and B2G merchant services. Trust us to reduce your cash flow losses and processing fees.

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Streamline your transactions and direct payment processing with our QuickBooks® integrated POS software. Reduce credit card transaction costs by up to 50%!
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More than 90% of B2B companies that accept credit cards are processing payments like a standard retailer. This causes them to miss out on discount rates exclusive to B2B payments. VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express offer B2B rates that can lower the cost of a single transaction by as much as 68%.

These rates are only available to businesses that process as B2B merchants through a Level 3 payment gateway and virtual terminal. If you’re using a standard retail credit card terminal to process your payments, you’re definitely paying too much.

Learn more about how XBS Global can help reduce your costs with our B2B merchant services, Level 2 and 3 credit card processing, and QuickBooks Integration.

Reduce Your B2B Costs Today

Our methods reduced the transaction cost for a $40,000 transaction by over 80%. In one transaction, that amounts to nearly $1,000 in profit that you might be missing out on.

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Reduce Your B2B Costs Today

At XBS Global, we:

  • Expedite receipt of payment with next-day funding
  • Reduce days sales outstanding
  • Make access of cash flow more reliable and predictable
  • Streamline payment reconciliation and reporting with robust data

Let our expertise become your success.

Reduce Your B2B Costs Today

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